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Creating a smile February 16, 2012

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It is always a good feeling when you are struggling to make ends meet and still find yourself in a position to surprise and bless someone’s day. Sometimes it is a heartfelt smile for the overworked clerk at the grocers. Sometimes a supportive hug for a grieving stranger. Last night I had the opportunity to bless a young couple in my town.

This couple has three small children and the husband works with a road construction company. At this time of year, in the northern states, road construction crews are in the middle of their winter layoff. Last night was this couples 8th anniversary, and they were more concerned with household bills than they were with anniversary celebrations. My boss heard about the situation and decided that, though our small restaurant could not do much, we could help them to celebrate. One of our part time staff picked up their children and took them home for the evening. My boss and I dug out some cloth napkins and a bouquet  of fake roses and set them a private table. The young woman was surprised to find cloth napkins in so rural a place and was tickled that we went to the effort. Since they were our only customers at the time, the boss fed the jukebox and played love songs while they ate.

In an area as rural as ours, it is hard for a young couple to have a date night, with three small children, the difficulties increase. It warmed my heart to be a part of giving these to a couple of hours of “couple” time.

What made you feel all warm and gooey this week? If the answer is “nothing” then you might want to think about ways to create the warm gooies. Yup, making up words again!

Live fully. Laugh honestly. Love completely.


6 Responses to “Creating a smile”

  1. Girl, you are definitely my kind of human. Bless your heart, all of you. That was indeed a gift. 🙂
    I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to see if I can’t stir up some interest in this blog for you.

  2. Justin Says:

    The good thing about warm gooies is that they are addictive. The more you do to get them, the more you will want to get more. That was a wonderful gift for that couple’s anniversary! It’s always nice to find more nice people in the world.

    • charismaloy Says:

      It is always good to know that we are not as rare as news reports would have us believe. There really are Super Heroes out there. They don’t wear capes, drive tricked out cars or shoot flames from their eyes. More often than not, they are never seen and turn away special recognition. These heroes, much like our men in uniform, do great things for the simple reason that great things need doing. You’re right the warm gooies are addictive, and are often diminished by a public show of gratitude. Fortuantely for society, they are also infectious. Only the truly selfish will fail to pay it forward.

  3. Oh, the warm gooies (sp?) I like that. What a wonderful gift of time together for that couple. My ‘gooies’ this week was to leaving coupons in the food aisle next to the products. It’s a little thing, but someone did that once and I’ll always remember saving those couple of dollars.

    • charismaloy Says:

      I agree. I have run across the leavings of the coupon fairy myself a time or two. Invariably when that extra few dollars meant a fuller meal or actually being able to afford the basic necessities of life. I have been blessed to move past destitute to simply strapped. Coupon fairies are a big part of the reason for that move. The nice thing is, helping someone that way costs nothing but time.

  4. charismaloy Says:

    stir away! I have no idea how!

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