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Chin up March 6, 2012

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This week held immense potential for dissapoinment, aggravation, anger and depression. For starters, poor weather meant that I was unable to get to my big comfy bed for a good rest tuesday night. The roads were still bad enough that when the time came that I had to make the 60 mile drive Wednesday, I did it on compact snow and ice with the wind obliterating my veiw with ground blizzards. I gotta ‘fess up, bad roads scare me. I have been in too many accidents and will avoid them if at all possible. Fortunately, Santa made the down payment on a reliable 4 wheel drive for me and I had much better control than I may otherwise have enjoyed. There was still great tension involved however. When I did get to town, I paid every last penny of my weekly tips to the therapist who is helping me regain use of my index finger. Although she says I am making great strides, the progniosis is still pain and therapy for roughly a year. This is rather disheartening. After that was lots of errands, and not actually getting home until late Wednesday night. Since I only get about 5 hours of sleep a night when I am at work, and work much of the rest of the time, not getting any extra rest Wednesday did not bode well. Thursday and Friday I worked at my second job, that of substitute teacher. This week I worked as an aide for a teacher who, history has shown, does not like me and who has done much to see me discredited at that school. I saw disaster ahead. Saturday my sister said she needed to use my laundry room and, with a 6 month old in her house, I didn’t feel right telling her no, even though Saturday is my weekly laundry day and has been for sometime now. Sunday, when my goddaughter arrived her mother informed me that it was starting out as a bad day and the little one was being defiant and uncooperative. By the time the little one left, it was time to load up my 4 wheel drive and make the sixty mile drive to work again. No down time in sight.

Lots of room to have a really bad week here. I chose to do otherwise. Knowing what was ahead, I planned my emotional response to be preemptive rather than reactive. Yes, the roads were bad, but the music was good and the good Lord held back the wind in the spots that it could have taken me off the road. By being safe and VERY slow on the bad spots and pushing about 5 miles over the speed limit where it was clear and dry, somehow I actually gained time on the trip. Don’t ask how, the numbers just don’t work. At the doctors office, I chose to be happy with the progress that I have made. I can cowboy it through the pain and I bet I beat that one year prognosis. Wednesday night I did not get much sleep, but I slept well. Thursday I chose to be very cheerful and helpful at the school and got genuine thanks from the teacher I was working with. That night, after a good dinner, I fell asleep for a, much needed, solid 10 hours. Friday I approached work with the same mentality and had a very good day. After work I went to see my friend at work and spent a couple of hours helping her get caught up. Then it was back home to re-read Gudrun by Prudence MacLeod. Pru’s books are a good way to wind down when the potential for high stress is surrounding you. I highly recommend this one. Check it out here:

While I was reading, my sister called about the laundry room and I was almost very rude to her. Fortunately I realized that I was overly tired and underfed before I could be hurtful. I figured out how to get my laundry done around hers, then ate and, once again, passed out for 10 hours. Saturday, as I was getting ready for my sister and the baby to show up, she called to say that she knew I had a lot to do and her laundry would take all day with only one machine. If I would meet her at the laundrymat about a mile up the road and help her get laundry and baby inside, her husband would be done with his errands and be able to help her get it all back out. Whew, off the hook there. I was actually able to get extra housework done.
Okay, so I didn’t get anything done for my third job, but I knew going in that I would not have time and the boss is okay with it. As for my writing, I was unable to get any writing done, but was able to do quite a bit of research. I am getting quite familiar with my characters and I know that when I actually have time to sit down to them again, they will step out of the page as their own people.
This truely has been an excellent week. I may be channeling Scarlett O’Hara, but I have no regrets this week. The mirror still says I can be proud of my actions and attitudes.
I took pictures of my drive on Sunday. Will try to get them posted in the next couple of days.

Live fully. Laugh honestly. Love completely.


2 Responses to “Chin up”

  1. My sweet shattered oath, woman, you amaze me. I thought I was a busy girl, but I’m not in your class at all. Wow. May the gods be kind to you this week and lend you their strength.

  2. charismaloy Says:

    Yes, I am a very busy girl and with the summer tourist season it will only get worse. I hear a lot of “you’re young, you can handle it” but I think I left that type of young behind in my twenties and those are but a memory. This is why goals are made day to day with room permitted for rollover. A vacation from all jobs is in the plans, but not till Thanksgiving when business is slow again. Needless to say, I value my rest more than I value my sleep and your books? PERFECT for relaxing and getting my mind off my schedule. I read Ghost Piper Thursday and Friday at the school. It might have helped me maintain my positive mood.

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