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I found a new source! March 18, 2012

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So, I am a new writer. So far, I am unpublished but I’m working on that! I was flipping through some random blogs and came across this one: I hust had to know why somebody would call a post “Don’t eat the Butt,” so I clicked in. Wow, this was just what I needed to put me into proper perspective. I am going to have to get her book “We Are Not Alone – the Writer’s Guide to Social Media.”  This would be a good investment for the social media inepts like me! Maybe I can figure out how to sell myself! Check out the book at any of these links:


Perhaps even “experienced” social media users can learn something!



4 Responses to “I found a new source!”

  1. Hey Sis, I took Kristen’s on line WANA course. Best $40 bucks I ever spent. Remember all that stuff I promised to teach you? Most of it is in that book. Good call!

  2. Author Kristen Lamb Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Most of the WANAs, including the AWESOME Prudence, are really wonderful teachers and they would love to help you get started. I am putting together better, more interactive workshops so stay tuned.

    …oh, and in the meantime, don’t eat the butt :D.

  3. SJ Driscoll Says:

    Without Butt Rub®, that is. 😉

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