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Random thoughts for a random week March 18, 2012

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Okay, so I guess wordpress didn’t want to accept comments when I first posted this so I am re-posting it. I will get a new one up later in the week.

Happy Day!

So I am late for another post. The problem is, Ihad a great post planned but wordpress won’t let me upload till I give them money. At least that is why I think I can’t upload the pictures I wanted to show you. Of course, knowing me and my incredible techno savy, I am probably just doing something wrong. It’s times like this that I am always amazed that my friends think I can fix everything.

Anyhow that leaves me unscripted. This is not a good thing, I just erased two paragraphs because I had rambled into nonsense. Trust me my friends, you don’t want to follow my mental tracks. They lead into some rather confusing territory, I try not to stay on one track too long!

I haven’t done much of interest this week. I took the week off of jobs one and two so that a I could get caught up on job three, that is still a work in progress. Friday I managed to get 6,000 words done on my WIP. When I told the doctor that yesterday, she recommended doing it again as physical therapy on my bunged up finger. Once I figure out how the next scene plays out I will go flying through some more pages since I know what happens AFTER the scene I have to write.

Oh! High point of the week, I got internet connected to my house, so now I can blog and email in the privacy of my own home! Finally!

I also had the opportunity, this week, to explore a budding friendship and discover a kindred spirit therein. This is truly the best part of my week. I did have the chance to read a couple of blogs and comment. I linked SJ Driscoll’s page over on the right, she seems to think and write in a way I can soooo relate to, I just had to share.

Hopefully my brain will have a chance to think of something other than bookkeeping this week, I would like to actually have a real post this next week!

Live fully. Laugh honestly. Love completely.


One Response to “Random thoughts for a random week”

  1. Hey Sis, the secret to the comments thing is to (a) log into WP with the small icon below and to the right of the comment box, or (b) comment with one of the other two profiles, Twitter or Facebook.
    Hey, you had a great week, 6K words is awesome.

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