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ROW80 check-in #3 April 11, 2012

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Okay, gotta ‘fess up. I battled a headache last week and got very little rest, then got 3 hours of sleep before heading out to work 2 14+ hour days in a row. I could not get my brain to function for writing, so I am a little behind there. I bored myself to tears hunting for brightly colored eggs for the Easter celebration in an online game instead. Trust me, I wasn’t awake enough for that either.

Things not on my list are exciting this week. I got PhotoShop downloaded onto my computer. It’s an old version, but it was free (from a friend) and came with the book. I hope to learn how to use it and possibly be able to create my own book covers. This could be fun, but I have to actually get the books written, so it will have to wait a while.


My life will be chaos for the next eight months or so, so I am going to set goals that I have some hope of accomplishing.

1. Write at least 1000 words per week on  WIPs

Not a one. Lots running through my head, zilch actually written.

2. Start a Twitter account

Goal met: 4/4/2012

3. Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook and my blog to at reach at least 10 new followers.

I am counting followers to my blog since the start of ROW80. I have two new followers (Fabio followed me just before we started so I don’t get to count him *frown*) I am still working my way through Kristen Lamb’s book We Are Not Alone. On my to do list for this week Is researching TweetDeck and HootSuite and deciding on one. (so want to go with HootSuite because I keep seeing Dick Van Dyke dancing in the candy shop!) 

4. Post at least one blog that is not a ROW80 check-in

On the to do list.

5. Learn how to use wordpress so that I can do things like add the ROW80 badge to my sidebar, or locate a blogsite that I understand how to use.

My site is steadily improving, and will probably continue to change it’s appearance throughout this round. has been a huge help. I like to know that if I push a button, it won’t blow me or anybody else up, so she has been helping me make sense of it! 

Hmmm. I am thinking it’s a good thing that I kept my actual writing goals down to a minimum. It looks like I may be spending quite a bit of the next couple of months just trying to reach some level of competency in platform building!!

Okay folks. A little less scared here. I think I can actually manage this list! It might be tough at times, but I really think I can swing it!


4 Responses to “ROW80 check-in #3”

  1. lwsapir Says:

    Oooh! I LOVE photoshop. What version did you get? Let me know if you need tips! 🙂
    Nice job with your sidebar images!

  2. raeellenlee Says:

    Welcome to Twitter land. I’m getting lots of followers but still learning how to be a good tweep. Overwhelmed with it all, but visit a writing coach/friend about once a month and pay her to help with this tech stuff. This has helped SO much and has saved hours/days, so I can actually do some writing. Best wishes to you. Everything you’re doing so far looks great. Thanks for sharing your goals. I found that helpful, too.

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