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ROW80 check-in #4 April 15, 2012

Filed under: ROW80 — charismaloy @ 1:32 pm

So, still feeling a little lazy here. I got a little more sleep the last couple of days but had lots to do in those days, so I still got very little ROW80 stuff done.

My life will be chaos for the next eight months or so, so I am going to set goals that I have some hope of accomplishing.

1. Write at least 1000 words per week on  WIPs

Okay, so technically I did write something on my WIP. About have a sheet of chicken scratch while I was subbing for a geometry teacher on Thursday. I don’t know that I am happy with it, or how much I will actually translate into the story, since I was very distracted when I wrote it, but I did write and I think I was able to figure out a story point that I had been struggling with. This is a good thing since the other WIP requires some research before I an advance the story. Not too much but I still have to find time to do it.

2. Start a Twitter account

Goal met: 4/4/2012

3. Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook and my blog to at reach at least 10 new followers.

I am counting followers to my blog since the start of ROW80. I have two new followers (Fabio followed me just before we started so I don’t get to count him *frown*) I am still working my way through Kristen Lamb’s book We Are Not Alone.  I have not gained any new followers in the last couple of days, but lets be realistic here, it’s only been three days! I did choose to go with HootSuite, so any advice on how this platform works would be welcome. I also got a phone with browser abilities that I am trying to figure out how to use with FB and Twitter. This from the one who swore, not six months ago, that she would never need a phone with a data package. 

4. Post at least one blog that is not a ROW80 check-in

Posted my rant last night. I have two more running through my head (posts, not rants), and will be getting those posted soon. One of them is a mini-story, so that may take me a little bit.

5. Learn how to use wordpress so that I can do things like add the ROW80 badge to my sidebar, or locate a blogsite that I understand how to use.

My site is steadily improving, and will probably continue to change it’s appearance throughout it’s lifetime. I need to figure out how to change the filters and such so that people don’t have so much trouble commenting on my blogs. I know WP blocks Pru just about every other post, and it’s getting annoying. I also want to figure out how to link other blogs, like a click here and got to button on my sidebar. I have to get nosy.

Hmmm. I am thinking it’s a good thing that I kept my actual writing goals down to a minimum. It looks like I may be spending quite a bit of the next couple of months just trying to reach some level of competency in platform building!!

Okay folks. A little less scared here. I think I can actually manage this list! It might be tough at times, but I really think I can swing it!


5 Responses to “ROW80 check-in #4”

  1. charismaloy Says:

    Wow, just noticed I have 10 people following via twitter!!! yay!!! Welcome!

  2. prudencemacleod Says:

    Ten new folks, that’s great. Considering how busy your life is now, I think you did quite well.

  3. You are off to a good start. Balancing a lot of life stuff is hard and your focus on getting some mini-goals done is great. Blog growth can be slow sometimes. It was for me and sometimes still feels like it is. I keep writing and learning and loving that some growth is good growth. 🙂

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