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The Valkyrie and The Viking (part one) April 16, 2012

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This story is an idea that has been running through my head. It is only a short, and if I ever do publish it, It would probably be along the lines of a “here, thake this for free and get to know my writing style” kind of thing. So you guys get the first taste. I set a limit on how much I would post at a time (and how much time I would rob from my WIPs) so you guys got at bit of a cliffhanger. Don’tcha just love how that works? 


The Valkyrie and The Viking

(part one)


“Something is evil is crawling across the world.”

“I know, I feel it too.”

“I think we are meant to fight it, but we have to remain unseen or we aren’t going to be where we are needed.”

“Agreed. You know this means we have to part, right Vicki?”

“I know Val, but I have to go west, and you are needed in the east.”

“We’ve never been apart dear one, I will miss you terribly.”


At 24, the two girls had not been separated since the day their mother had sacrificed her life to give them theirs. They were each others support and there could be no closer tie between them. It wasn’t until they were in secondary school that they were aware of the fact that that they finished each others sentences and they still had difficulty refraining from that habit. Family and close friends had difficulty in telling the difference between the two, as they were rarely apart and not only did they share looks, it seemed they shared a soul.


They had earned their nicknames on the schoolyard after history classes. The pair would not tolerate bullying regardless of the victims difference from the rest of the students. This was the only time anybody had ever been able to tell them apart with any kind of accuracy.


Valerie stood strong and defiant between the victim and the attackers and it had only taken one bloody nose and one badly bruised knee to dissuade those who might think they would get past her. The African servant who  served her father with pride had taught the girls much in the way of unarmed combat. A lesson about old Norse legends had earned her the moniker “Valkyrie.”


Victoria had taken the combat lessons to heart, and her fighting spirit overtook her at the sight of injustice. While her sister protected the victim, she sought out the attacker. An energetic history lesson told the tale of the bloodthirsty vikings and Victoria had a new name.


Now adults, the two still stood against injustice. For the last several years, the women had maintained a private address outside of London and took in abused women and children. They sought out others who would help them in their cause and trained them well. While Valerie stood watch over her charges, Victoria could often be found baiting their abusers and finding ways to get them off the streets for an extended period of time.


They had been an effective team all of their lives. Now as 1931 began to fade away, they knew deep within that the world would be fighting a great injustice. Knowing that they would be apart was much more difficult than the knowledge that they would be seeking out the heart of evil and trying to protect those in its path.


Their father had felt a similar premonition several years earlier and had converted the bulk of his wealth into precious metals and jewels shortly before the New York Stock Market crashed in the fall of 1929. As the United States fell into a depression that spread across the world, he was comforted in the fact that his girls would be well cared for.


A week passed  as the girls filled hollowed out boot heels and lined clothes and suitcases with what funds they could safely carry. They prepared the staff at the safe house and readied themselves for a long journey. 

I hope you enjoyed it! I do welcome feedback if you have any to give!




4 Responses to “The Valkyrie and The Viking (part one)”

  1. prudencemacleod Says:

    Ok, you’ve got us hooked now. Great start.

  2. Yes I would like to read more as well. The only feedback I would give is to give more interaction and less back story. I will be looking for more and I hope you write it soon.


    • charismaloy Says:

      I do have four parts of that story posted

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