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The Valkyrie and The Viking (Part 2) April 22, 2012

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Okay guys, this one is a little bit shorter section.

The fog was thick as they stood at the pier. The invincibility of youth was overridden by the knowledge of their hearts. It would be a miracle if either of them survived this adventure. They had spent a great deal of time with an atlas the night before, and both carried two slips of paper with coordinates on them.


“You have your sextant right?”

“Yes, and we already practiced tracking coordinates with it. I don’t think we ever forgot how to do it. Daddy drilled it into our heads in the Great War.”

“ I think this is going to take every survival skill we ever learned”

“Just survive, dearest. If you don’t I swear a part of me shall die as well.”


Fear, and the terrible knowledge that this may well be the last time they saw each other, overwhelmed the pair and the clung to each other and wept. A few moments later the fog began to lift and it was time for Victoria to board the boat for New York. Valerie watched from the dock as her sister stood at the rail and held her eyes until they could no longer see each other. Then Valerie walked the distance to where she would catch a boat to France.


At the far end of the docks, two figures stood. The tall lithe woman watched Valerie with compassion in her eyes while her stocky companion continued to stare after Victoria’s ship, tears running down his face.


“It hurts them so, my Queen”

“I know, my dear friend. They must learn what we could not, and they must each learn it for themselves. Let us hope that they have the capacity that we lack, for I grow weary of this endless battle, this death without cessation.”

“Aye, me as well.”

“We must return to it my friend. We are out of time here.”


As Valerie stepped onto the waiting boat, the figures at the end of the dock faded. 


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  1. prudencemacleod Says:

    Oh yeah, it’s getting good now. 🙂

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