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The Valkyrie and The Viking (Part 3) May 1, 2012

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The spring thaw of 1933 was the sign that Valerie had been waiting for. Since her arrival in France a little over a year before, the woman had kept a low profile, saying little but hearing everything. She traveled throughout Europe and, though she had left England with plenty of funds, took menial jobs that allowed her to glean information and opinions as she worked. She made numerous friends in many rural areas, and as the year had progressed she had steadily moved toward Germany, concerned about a young Austrian who had been making a lot of noise in that area.

In Berlin, she met a brilliant physicist and knew that it was time to act. She began attending his lectures, and struck up a friendship with the wild haired gentleman through his rather protective wife Elsa. Late in 1932, while having dinner with the two at their home, Valerie explained her feeling of foreboding and warned them that they should make plans to leave Germany for an extended period of time. Albert knew that she was deeply concerned for their well-being and he and Elsa prepared themselves for the possible relocation.

By Christmas of that same year, the couple had left Germany. Valerie had remained in the background of life in Berlin, and was able to relay the news to the Einsteins that their house had been seized by the Nazi government. She never heard from them again and she knew that the time had come to fulfill her purpose here.

With the spring thaw Valerie made her way back to France and, using her sextant, found the coordinates that she and Victoria had memorized. She dug a hole and, using an empty milk bottle, she wrote a letter, detailing her adventures to that point and leaving the coordinates to a site in Belgium. Then she headed back to Germany.

The voice that had guided her over the last year spoke again as she traveled through Luxembourg. The time had come to avoid mass transportation. She left the train at Hollerich and searched for shelter for the night. Concerned with the high levels of military presence in town, she followed the road toward the outskirts of town, heading east with determination.

As she reached the edge of town, a tall slim figure jogged toward her. Her year of listening had given her a solid handle on the German language, and she heard the slender woman call out as she approached. She knew the stranger was speaking to her only because she held eye contact through the entire monologue.

“Helga! You were supposed to be on the earlier train! Mama is so worried! Come on we must hurry!”

Linking arms with Valerie, the slender woman drew her into a jog as she lowered her voice. “Those officers have been known to accost single women on this road. Stay with me until we are clear.”

The road curved moments later as it went down a hill out of sight of the military patrol. Glancing over her shoulder, the slender woman pulled Valerie off the road and into a copse of trees. Nearly invisible among the trees was a low shelter and Valerie found herself pulled into it.

As they caught their breath, Valerie got her first look at her protector. The slender woman had kind blue eyes that seemed more at ease with laughter than with the worry that was now flitting around the edges.  The elven face smiled at her as though they had known each other for years.

“I have been waiting for you for two days. Don’t ask how I knew you were coming, you’d think I was nuts. All I know is that you have a mission and I am supposed to help. My name is Katrine.”

Two figures formed in the mist that surrounded the copse. The tall woman glanced at her companion as she said “The Valkyrie’s partner throughout her lifetimes. They must reconnect quickly in this time. Keep them safe in the mist. When the dawn comes, they must trust each other. The lives of many depend on them.”

“As you say my Queen.”


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  1. prudencemacleod Says:

    Oh, now, this is getting good! 🙂

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