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ROW80 Check-in #9 May 2, 2012

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Wednesdays are notoriuosly bad for me, but we already knew that. I battled a headache that had my left eye pulsing for the last two days at work, but I did manage to get thoroughly wrapped up in the political upheaval in Germany in 1932-33. That was enjoyable. If you don’t believe me, read my blog story! Hee Hee!!

I was fortunate to spend the last day and a half in the company of dear friends. It was a surprise visit as they showed up late yesterday afternoon. It has been some time since we really had the opportunity to catch up, so I tuned out the world and focused my attention on them. We were up visiting until 7am this morning and then managed to get a two hour nap before we curled up in my living room to finish our conversation. I do so hope that we are able to continue our visits on a more regular basis, even if it is only via emails and Facebook chat. At least now I know they can reach me!

As of 9:30 this morning, I have been breathing independantly for 34 years. Not much is done to celebrate this in my life. My lilacs bloomed this morning as though nature itself were celebrating the anniversary of my birth. I had a wonderful time at dinner, as my best girl sat beside me and couldn’t stop smiling at me. What can I say, the love of a four year old is, in itself, a celebration of life.

My life will be chaos for the next eight months or so, so I am going to set goals that I have some hope of accomplishing.

1. Write at least 1000 words per week on  WIPs

Nothing on my WIP’s yet this week. Perhaps I can make some headway tomorrow. If not it will be stolen time, as the rest of my week is pretty full. I am pulling for tomorrow. I did get 700 words done on my blog story though, so that sorta counts!!

2. Start a Twitter account

Goal met: 4/4/2012

3. Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook and my blog to at reach at least 10 new followers.

I am counting followers to my blog since the start of ROW80. I have three new direct blog followers and 10 who access my blog via Twitter! YAY!!! That’s thirteen!!! And we are only two and a half weeks in!! I am still working my way through Kristen Lamb’s book We Are Not Alone. I did choose to go with HootSuite and have no clue what the site is supposed to do for me or how to use it, so any advice on how this platform works would be welcome. Still not satisfied with my understanding of the social platforms, but part of that is the geek in me that has to fully comprehend everything. I think that what I have really done here, is give myself a spring board to work from and build my confidence. I won’t have the time that I need to dedicate to this angle until after hunting season ends in late November, but I am not giving up, and will let you know of any strides I am able to make!!

4. Post at least one blog that is not a ROW80 check-in

I posted the third segment of The Valkyrie and The Viking yesterday.

5. Learn how to use wordpress so that I can do things like add the ROW80 badge to my sidebar, or locate a blogsite that I understand how to use.

My site is steadily improving, and will probably continue to change it’s appearance throughout it’s lifetime. I need to figure out how to change the filters and such so that people don’t have so much trouble commenting on my blogs. I also want to figure out how to link other blogs, like a click here and go to button on my sidebar. Perhaps I will get a chance to get nosy in the next few days, but no promises, I have soooo much I want to get written that my blog page may get put on the back burner for a little bit.

Hmmm. I am thinking it’s a good thing that I kept my actual writing goals down to a minimum. It looks like I may be spending quite a bit of the next couple of months just trying to reach some level of competency in platform building!!

Okay folks. A little less scared here. I think I can actually manage this list! It might be tough at times, but I really think I can swing it!

How did you do? Any wonderful surprises?


5 Responses to “ROW80 Check-in #9”

  1. prudencemacleod Says:

    Happy birthday and hundreds more. Your girlfriend sounds like a real sweetie.

  2. SJ Driscoll Says:

    34, Charis?…. You fit between my son and my daughter. Sound like you had a wonderful birthday. Have three times as many.

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