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ROW80 Check-in #12 May 14, 2012

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Kinda slacking on the ROW80 stuff this week. Life intervened. It happens. On the upside, I have lots of ideas. Just have to get to them!!

My life will be chaos for the next eight months or so, so I am going to set goals that I have some hope of accomplishing.

1. Write at least 1000 words per week on  WIPs

I did write. I wrote a tribute on my blog for my friend after his funeral. Then I spent a day writing up a fantasy of mine. It may one day on the distant future end up in a book. No promises. After the funeral, that bit of writing was exactly what I needed.  I spent Wednesday and Thursday making a movie for a friend to tell her how precious she is to me, worked Friday, yardwork Saturday. Hmmm spent a little bit of time with my WIPs through the week, but got tripped up hunting for the right font. I was easily distracted this week apparently. Business is picking up, so I anticipate having less time to write but a whole lot more to cogitate. Some of my best story writing time is in my head when I am stuck at the grill with ten orders in front of me, so the potential for a good writing binge is always there.

2. Start a Twitter account

Goal met: 4/4/2012

3. Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook and my blog to at reach at least 10 new followers.

My blog on Monday netted me another three followers, bringing my total to 17 at current count.  Still working on the Twitter angle, getting followers there, but not any more that are following my blog from there.

4. Post at least one blog that is not a ROW80 check-in


5. Learn how to use wordpress so that I can do things like add the ROW80 badge to my sidebar, or locate a blogsite that I understand how to use.

My site is steadily improving, and will probably continue to change it’s appearance throughout it’s lifetime. I need to figure out how to change the filters and such so that people don’t have so much trouble commenting on my blogs. I also want to figure out how to link other blogs, like a click here and go to button on my sidebar. Perhaps I will get a chance to get nosy in the next few days, but no promises, I have soooo much I want to get written that my blog page may get put on the back burner for a little bit.

Hmmm. I am thinking it’s a good thing that I kept my actual writing goals down to a minimum. It looks like I may be spending quite a bit of the next couple of months just trying to reach some level of competency in platform building!!

Okay folks. A little less scared here. I think I can actually manage this list! It might be tough at times, but I really think I can swing it!

How did you do? Any wonderful surprises?


5 Responses to “ROW80 Check-in #12”

  1. Shah Wharton Says:

    To get cross over followers you should get a twitter widget in your sidebar. Latest tweets is a good one, or at least a Tweet follow button. It’s as simple as popping it into goggle search and you’ll find the code and instructions. Very simple. Also, you could get your Twitter account connected to your Face Book account (so if you post on it your tweet too. And you could join Triberr – I have LOADS more followers since I did. Just a few ideas to look into. Best of luck with the days ahead. X

  2. prudencemacleod Says:

    Hey there, another way to get Twitter followers is to follow interesting people. and engage them a bit. They will usually follow back. Flipping ideas while you flip burgers; love it. A writer’s mind never stops.

    • charismaloy Says:

      That’s where my first five books came from. Now I just have to get them all on paper!!! I really need to get a digital transcriber program. Something that I can speak the story into while I am driving or flipping burgers and then plug it’s memory card into my lappy and just edit the piece. If I had THAT? I would already be published!!

  3. shanjeniah Says:

    I’ve been where you are. I consider my blog an organic creation, evolving as i am my skills do….and often, too, taking a backseat to the writing.

    My hubby is a chef – he’s getting busy now, too! =D

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