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Round 3 begins and I am late outta the gate!! July 2, 2012

Filed under: ROW80 — charismaloy @ 9:36 pm

Okay, so I am prone to a touch of hyperbole. Yes, I am late getting this first post up, but as I spent the last two weeks working on my goals for this round, I think I am doing okay so far.

Last round saw me evolve quite a bit. I went from one WIP to four while working far too much towards goals that aren’t mine. Then my wonderful ROW80 friends offered their support as I went through a meltdown and reclaimed my life. Truly folks, usually I am not nearly as dramatic as I was during the last round.

I have spent the last two weeks crystalizing my roles in my world and clarifying my responsibilities. Essentially, I have reclaimed my life and am pointing myself towards the runway as I fully intend to fly.

Round 3 Goals

1. Devote a minimum of one hour each weekday to bona fide work on each of the three at home jobs. This does not include FB, Blogging, Tweeting or other internet perusal, but may include improvements made to blog sites.

2. Finish Fantasies this round. If CM approves it, get it published.

3. Spend at least 20 minutes each weekday on housework and at least 2 hours on Saturday.

4. Start eating more than one meal a day. Consistantly.

Hmmm… Structure….. this could be interesting……



6 Responses to “Round 3 begins and I am late outta the gate!!”

  1. Yes, meals are important. They give us the energy to do the rest. Good luck this round!

    • Shah Wharton Says:

      Best of luck for round 3 Charis. These seem like manageable goals.

      I needed to include housework in my goals I think – I’m such a bad housekeeper. I hate all things related to house work – esp ironing! And eating: well I tend to be very naughty there too. I have a biccie for breakie, nothing for lunch (perhaps a bag of crisps) and then I eat something (I try to make it veg and meat based) for dinner. My excuse is I live quite a sedentary life. If I have a physically busy day, I eat more (or pass out). If not, my body clearly doesn’t need it. I’m on so many things to help with various issues anyway (iron, thyroxin, folic acid, B12 etc)… that I doubt my body suffers much. Bleh!


    • charismaloy Says:

      Yeah, people keep telling me that. I don’t intend to miss meals, I just forget to eat. I thought making that a goal might help me to remember.

  2. prudencemacleod Says:

    Hi there, sweet lady. Good to see you take control once again. We’re all here to cheer you on. (and maybe nag, just a bit)

  3. Shah Wharton Says:

    Some great goals there Charis – we all need a nudge and get it with Rowers. Best of luck for round 3. X

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