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Round 3 Check-in #1 July 5, 2012

Filed under: ROW80 — charismaloy @ 3:43 pm

Wow, starting a new job and a new round of ROW80 simultaneously. This could be interesting! So far this week has gone well for me. For my writing, not so much, but as I adjust my schedule to include my work schedule, that will improve. When I went out looking for work, I treated it like a second job and made myself whole unavailable for all but what I am willing to work. This way, I will be able to properly schedule writing time, time for bookkeeping, time for editing and the myriad other things that I need to be able to do in order to move my life to that of a full time writer.

I realize that I have yet to publish and that this may seem a premature move, but I am following the advice of Kristen Lamb who, in one of the first of her blogs that I read, admonished me to claim that title. I am a pre-published writer, but I am in fact a writer. I am happiest when I am with my characters and want to make a life telling their stories. This is when I moved onto the advice of the wise Ms. Prudence MacLeod. Using positive words leaves no room for doubt. Therefore, I AM a writer, I WILL make that my full time career, and all I am doing now is setting the stage so that the show may go on.

So, how am I doing on my goals? Let’s see…

Round 3 Goals

1. Devote a minimum of one hour each weekday to bona fide work on each of the three at home jobs. This does not include FB, Blogging, Tweeting or other internet perusal, but may include improvements made to blog sites.

I have gotten one hour in everyday on one of the three…always the same one… There is housework visible when I start on the other two… I get distracted. This is why I have been going overboard on goal 3 this week. I am still seeking balance. Once I have acheived balance, I will be all over this goal. So much that I want to do toward it.

2. Finish Fantasies this round. If CM approves it, get it published.

Haven’t touched it.

3. Spend at least 20 minutes each weekday on housework and at least 2 hours on Saturday.

Got it and more! This is why goals one and two are floundering at the moment. When I actually get in the groove with housework, it is wisest not to stop. I hate housework with a passion so I will be glad when I am finally caught up enough that 20 minutes a day is enough.

4. Start eating more than one meal a day. Consistantly.


Hmmm… Structure….. this could be interesting……


4 Responses to “Round 3 Check-in #1”

  1. prudencemacleod Says:

    Every step you take is a step in the right direction for your journey. We are all here cheering you on. We know you will succeed for you are indeed, a WRITER!

    • charismaloy Says:

      These boots are made for walkin! I have used them more than once for blazing trail. Nothing is going to stop me now. Yes, I am just that Bull-headed.

  2. Shah Wharton Says:

    You’re getting through it so feel good – and housework – 20 mins a day? My home is lucky if it gets that a week 🙂 And best of luck at your new job too… Hope you enjoy your colleagues – that’s always the worse part for me. 🙂 X

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