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Productive Week! August 19, 2012

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Okay, I know I promised a rant to all of the folks who follow me on FB, and that rant is still in the works as the issue to be ranted about has not changed. However, I am in an excellent mood, so I thought I would share that with you instead.

An update from last week: the quick glimpse I got into the interior of my driver side door was misleading. None of the rods were hanging free, I just couldn’t see the clips! Essentially, I owe all, or nearly all, of my problems with this door to the brilliant mind whe last dismantled it. The window track was not reinstalled before it was sold to me, which is why the window is now off track on the other side and jammed. The interior door handle was not remounted properly which is why it chose to fail on me in the Walmart parking lot. Electrical wires were not reconnected… the list goes on. Yes, if I were able to locate the putz who last explored this door, I would very much like to have a Chilton’s manual in one hand and a Haynes in the other and apply a book to each of his ears. Firmly and with force, perhaps he will learn to put things back as he found them by osmosis. Hee hee hee! I like the image anyhow!!

On the plus side, since the interior door handle only lacked proper mounting, the most difficult part of getting the door functioning was getting it open so I could see what I was doing. I no longer have to climb over the seat!! Okay, so I have to open the rear door and reach forward to open the front door, but this is a major improvement. The exterior handle is fixable, but the part is in the $40-$50 range, so it will have to wait. In the meantime, I have the opportunity to research exactly how to dislodge my window without breaking it so that I can get it back on track. I hope to be able to accomplish both goals before it gets too cold to feel small bolts. That gives me about two months. Thinking positive thoughts and remembering a small voice telling me I just might get lucky there. I am just beyond thrilled to be able to get into my driver’s seat with ease!!



Round 3 Goals

1. Devote a minimum of one hour each weekday to bona fide work on each of the three both at-home jobs. This does not include FB, Blogging, Tweeting or other internet perusal, but may include improvements made to blog sites.

*Hides face* Didn’t touch them, everytime I tried, the phone rang, the doorbell went off, the computer ate my work, the internet went down at a critical point, it just wasn’t my week. OH!! Wait!! I was #editmongering with Morgan Dragonwillow earlier this week!! Got an hour done! Oh good, I feel better now.

2. Finish Fantasies this round. If CM approves it, get it published.

Nope, although  I did some research on this, I didn’t get a single word written.

3. Spend at least 20 minutes each weekday on housework and at least 2 hours on Saturday. Get SOMETHING accomplished in the direction of household maintenance each week.

Ummmm, would you believe that I have been doing housework, yardwork and auto repairs all week? Today was somewhat of a combination of house and auto work, as I had to sort my tools. My last two vehicles were each other’s emergency replacement, and I spent nearly every weekend tinkering with one or the other to keep it running. When the Suburban died, I dumped all of it’s contents into the Topaz. The must have supply of SAE tools in the Suburban was thrown willy-nilly into the bottom of the Topaz’s tunk. Then the Topaz bit the bullet….. All of the tools got hastily dumped into the nearest 13 Gal Rubbermaid tub. I had not considered what a truly awful idea this was until I started working on the door this week… The tools are organized now. I can find what I am looking for. 🙂  Plus, I got a LOT done in my living room, and I am currently staring at the pile I want to finish sorting tonight.

4. Start eating more than one meal a day. Consistantly.

I did this. Everyday. I am shocked. Aren’t you? One day the meals were very close together, but there were two. What a concept….

Hmmm… Structure….. this could be interesting……


2 Responses to “Productive Week!”

  1. prudencemacleod Says:

    Sounds like you had some success, but life got in the way of the writing. Sadly, that does happen to us all from time to time. Congrats on the car door issue. Okay, this is a new week, it’s a new chance to get back to some writing. Good luck!

  2. charismaloy Says:

    Pru, the menial job only scheduled me for three days this coming work week, I am trying to crank through the distracting housework now so that I can focus on my real job on those four open days.

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