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One Adventure at a time.. October 1, 2012

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One adventure at a time. A dear friend used to remind me of that when I got overwhelmed by the enormity of the task at hand. She would break it down and give me a small portion to focus on as she said “One adventure at a time.”  This round should see me through a really big adventure, and I am quite looking forward to the adventure as a whole, but the preparations for it are of the sort that could potentially overwhelm me. That being said, I am going to try a different approach to my goals this round.

First the overall goals for the round:

Complete Preparations for the BIG ADVENTURE.

Continue to make progress on Alter Ego’s Job. (one day, I will introduce you :))

WRITE! Something!! Anything!! (okay, so the actual measurable part of this is to complete the storyboard-timeline transfer, finish the short “Watersports”, and get another thousand or so words written on The Valkyrie and The Viking. But that looks like a lot so… this parenthesied section is gonna disappear for my own sanity.)

Last round I was frequently thrown off track by a varying work schedule and the rest of the drama of real life. This round, I intend to take those both into account. Each Sunday (possibly Monday) I will post my goals for the week, planning them around my work schedule and other anticipated life drama, and listing the goals by priority.

For this week: Saturday starts a four-day weekend, so to plan accordingly…

Tuesday – Friday:

  • Work on Alter Ego’s job if brain is functioning sufficiently,     

    Story board with notes for 4-5 books. Chaos


  • if not, then finish getting the bedroom sorted and thinned. 
  • Get Package sent off for repairs
  • get paperwork filed
  • Gather/haul garbage Wednesday night. (that thinning process accumulates trash too fast!)
  • Get guest post written!!

Saturday – Tuesday:

  • Work on Alter Ego’s job
  • When a break is needed in daylight hours, begin shed clean-out. 
  • When break is needed after dark, continue to transfer story notes to timelines

The mad writer looking far too much like her father…. in the midst of transferring story notes tooooo…..

The timeline! back when there was only one piece of butcher block running down my hall….. there are two now… soon to be three…

So, I am off on this week’s adventures. I hope to maintain sanity by tackling them one at a time. I will attempt to make a midweek blog each week that is not an update, but that is yet another adventure and my plate is already overflowing….

The Split Rock burger at a local burger joint


11 Responses to “One Adventure at a time..”

  1. prudencemacleod Says:

    Love those pics. Girl, I catch you eating that burger I will sooo nag you. tee hee hee

    • charismaloy Says:

      Cripes woman!! Each patty is half a pound! I haven’t eaten that sandwich in about two years. The previous owner made dinky patties and it was the only way to get full. However, this place has the best burgers in the county, possibly the state.

  2. alberta Says:

    like the time lines – would like the room to post those on my real walls – doesn’t the house try and take over, ugh:(
    all the best with this round’s goals

    • charismaloy Says:

      I am actually considering stapling each end of each timeline to a dowel. That way I can roll them up like a scroll, just put two nails or hooks in the wall to hang them when I need them. Great for transportability and can put a decent sized picture on the nails when I don’t have a scroll up…

  3. Lena Corazon Says:

    I love that phrase, “One adventure at a time.” It really does help to break things down into little baby steps, doesn’t it?

    Best of luck to you with this round!

  4. shanjeniah Says:

    Charis, I love your goals, and how they embrace the rest of your life.

    I tend to dive into things and get mired up. A lot of my attention, this round, will be focused on assessing how deeply I can go into how many things without getting bogged down and confused….

    Oh, and THANK YOU!!! I desperately need a timeline for my Trueborn series (the one that interweaves with Trek fanfic). Our hallway was long ago adopted by the kids, but your scroll idea will work beautifully in my office…we even have a big roll of butcher paper….I only need dowels and a stapler (the kids have the current one – somewhere!).

    I will take pictures as I implement!

    • charismaloy Says:

      The sticky notes were overwhelming and I needed more room. The long one you see running down the hall is for a series of four, possibly five books (still waiting to see if this other character wants to tell me his story) and the other one that I still need to start is for The Valkyrie and The Viking which starts in the early days of WWII and continues to present day. Too much for my little whiteboard to handle!

      Glad my brainstorming helped!!

      • shanjeniah Says:

        It really did…I can have a timeline for Spock (easier, because so many points of his life are already known). and another for Jeniah, who becomes his wife (I really haven’t delved into her life as fully as I want to, yet, and this will help).

        There are places where their lives intersect, and then draw away again, over decades.

        This will really help me get clear on what happens, when, so that I can separate the fanfic elements from the original elements…

  5. charismaloy Says:

    I can relate Shan, one of my characters has her own timeline because, while she pops up in the first two books in the series, she doesn’t become an integral part until the third book, but there is so much of her story to tell that she has her own book before she joins the main timeline!

  6. […] stumbled into a really terrific timeline idea, and, since I will be needing two timelines for the Trueborn series, I think I will be giving it a […]

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