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Did I get the Linky right? Can you hear me now?? October 4, 2012

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So I felt like a total techno dunce yesterday. I just discovered, in my third round of ROW80 that I should be updating my Linky every week *facepalm*    Learn something new every…… October?? I dunno. Now that I am aware of this, my ROW80 experience should be much more fruitful!

Okay, so I mentioned in my initial post that I would be posting once a week either Sunday afternoon or (if my weekly nap lasts for 14 hours like this past Sunday) Monday. This is primarily because I frequently lack the time to do more than 2 posts in a week and I don’t want my blog to be entirely ROW80. Hence, this will probably be one of very few midweek checkins.

Now…. What have I accomplished???

First the overall goals for the round:

Complete Preparations for the BIG ADVENTURE.

Continue to make progress on Alter Ego’s Job. (one day, I will introduce you :))

WRITE! Something!! Anything!! (okay, so the actual measurable part of this is to complete the storyboard-timeline transfer, finish the short “Watersports”, and get another thousand or so words written on The Valkyrie and The Viking. But that looks like a lot so… this parenthesied section is gonna disappear for my own sanity.)

Last round I was frequently thrown off track by a varying work schedule and the rest of the drama of real life. This round, I intend to take those both into account. Each Sunday (possibly Monday) I will post my goals for the week, planning them around my work schedule and other anticipated life drama, and listing the goals by priority.

For this week: Saturday starts a four-day weekend, so to plan accordingly…

Tuesday – Friday:

  • Work on Alter Ego’s job if brain is functioning sufficiently,  did 3 pages Tuesday   

    Story board with notes for 4-5 books. Chaos


  • if not, then finish getting the bedroom sorted and thinned. worked on this for 2 hours Tuesday, and nearly five hours of laundry tonight to get stuff ready for the local donation shop.
  • Get Package sent off for repairs  Not yet.
  • get paperwork filed Not yet.
  • Gather/haul garbage Wednesday night. (that thinning process accumulates trash too fast!) Argued with the heater instead… Will have to do a little each day for next haul day.
  • Get guest post written!! Not yet. 

Saturday – Tuesday:

  • Work on Alter Ego’s job
  • When a break is needed in daylight hours, begin shed clean-out. 
  • When break is needed after dark, continue to transfer story notes to timelines

The mad writer looking far too much like her father…. in the midst of transferring story notes tooooo…..

The timeline! back when there was only one piece of butcher block running down my hall….. there are two now… soon to be three…

So, I am off on this week’s adventures. I hope to maintain sanity by tackling them one at a time. I will attempt to make a midweek blog each week that is not an update, but that is yet another adventure and my plate is already overflowing….

I got a midweek post up!! Look at me! A post for each of the last three days!! I am shocked!


2 Responses to “Did I get the Linky right? Can you hear me now??”

  1. Keep plugging away, girl. Every step brings you one step closer to your goal! 🙂

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