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Unfrazzling October 7, 2012

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I read a story a few months ago that was talking about the overstressed mother of many. How many doesn’t really matter as sometimes one can be too many at that certain frazzled place in time. The story mentioned that it really wasn’t difficult to ease that stress for just a moment with a kind word.  I had fun this last week getting to be the stress relief.

A young mother came into my work the other day, a little girl in her arms who was not quite at the walking stage. She was behind a few other customers and was waiting for her husband.  I heard her say gently and politely to the folks that came in behind her “Go ahead, we’re not ready,” and then a weary and put upon directive to the three boys standing close by “get out of the way, up against the wall here with me.”

Frazzled hubby came in with wipes and a clean diaper, quickly looked at the menu and told me what he wanted, then took the little girl off to tidy her up. The three boys very politely gave me their orders, took their cups and headed for the pop machine. For a moment, the over tired mom just stood there, the weariness of three boys under the age of ten plus a babe still in arms clear on her face. You could see that she was trying really hard not to let her weariness come out as she talked to her sons and to the husband who was trying very hard to be helpful. I commented that her boys were working well together, helping each other at the pop machine. She replied “For the moment.” I pointed out that every moment that they helped each other was a momentary break for her. She obviously hadn’t thought of it that way and smiled as she agreed with me.

Later, I took a moment to go over and compliment her on her well behaved bunch of kids. She snorted in disbelief, as the kids had shifted seats a time or two and their voices could be heard from across the room. Obviously somebody made her think that kids were supposed to be miniature adults and not energetic young people. She smiled again when I told her that I knew adults that had much worse manners than her kids and that I was impressed with how polite they were.  Well fed and gently complimented she was far less frazzled when she walked out.

Some days, I really do like my job.

I am in kind of a weird place right now, as I have the better part of this week and next off from work, so I am not changing last week’s goals. Most of them I only gave a cursory touch too anyhow. I am hoping to make great progress on all goals while I am in this odd place of not having to be at work. Although, I kinda slacked off yesterday… the only thing I got done was get some stuff out of the shed.

Now…. What have I accomplished???

First the overall goals for the round:

Complete Preparations for the BIG ADVENTURE.

Continue to make progress on Alter Ego’s Job. (one day, I will introduce you :))

WRITE! Something!! Anything!! (okay, so the actual measurable part of this is to complete the storyboard-timeline transfer, finish the short “Watersports”, and get another thousand or so words written on The Valkyrie and The Viking. But that looks like a lot so… this parenthesied section is gonna disappear for my own sanity.)

Last round I was frequently thrown off track by a varying work schedule and the rest of the drama of real life. This round, I intend to take those both into account. Each Sunday (possibly Monday) I will post my goals for the week, planning them around my work schedule and other anticipated life drama, and listing the goals by priority.

For this week: Saturday starts a four-day weekend, so to plan accordingly…

Tuesday – Friday:

  • Work on Alter Ego’s job if brain is functioning sufficiently,  did 3 pages Tuesday   

    Story board with notes for 4-5 books. Chaos


  • if not, then finish getting the bedroom sorted and thinned. Am steadily working my way around the room. 
  • Get Package sent off for repairs  This is rescheduled for Monday when I don’t have to work.
  • get paperwork filed  This is rescheduled for Monday when I don’t have to work.
  • Gather/haul garbage Wednesday night. (that thinning process accumulates trash too fast!) Working on it.
  • Get guest post written!! Not yet. 

Saturday – Tuesday:

  • Work on Alter Ego’s job That is what I am headed for after I post this.
  • When a break is needed in daylight hours, begin shed clean-out.  This is already begun
  • When break is needed after dark, continue to transfer story notes to timelines Nothing on this yet

The mad writer looking far too much like her father…. in the midst of transferring story notes tooooo…..

The timeline! back when there was only one piece of butcher block running down my hall….. there are two now… soon to be three…

So, I am off on this week’s adventures. I hope to maintain sanity by tackling them one at a time. I will attempt to make a midweek blog each week that is not an update, but that is yet another adventure and my plate is already overflowing….

I got a midweek post up!! Look at me! This makes four posts in a week!! I am shocked!


6 Responses to “Unfrazzling”

  1. Beth Camp Says:

    A lovely post. I appreciate your commitment to reaching out to help others. A word here and there can make such a difference, more than we know. And your timeline! Impressive! I have a small cork board that’s filled with 3×5 cards I move around. Your approach, one thing at a time, will lead to steady progress. Write on!

  2. prudencemacleod Says:

    Unfrazzling is always a good thing, Sis. Rock on!

  3. alberta Says:

    oh yes – a smile – a word of encouragement it’s part of making this world happier – that’s what you acheived this week:) I agree thinning out (much nicer word than decluttering) makes more work in the rubbish bins – all the best for this week:)

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