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The Valkyrie and The Viking (Part 4) May 14, 2012

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Please allow me some artistic license with dates as this story moves along. If I were to make the dates entirely accurate, I would become an incredible history buff but would have no time to actually write the story. Any exact dates given in reference to historical moments will be the correct date, but if I don’t specify, forgive me. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Hours later, Katrine drew a breath as she finished relaying the horror of the last few weeks. Her small farm in western Germany had been overtaken by Nazi troops as they spread out to gain control of the resistance in the area. She had been in the surrounding woods gathering wildflowers and small firewood when the troops arrived, and had watched, frozen, from just inside the treeline as her elderly grandparents were carted away by the armed men. She had desperately wanted to go to them but a soft voice held her still. The voice told her that it was too late to help her loved ones, but that she would be able to help other. She just had to get to Hollerich and wait for a tall blonde to come walking down the road. By joining this woman’s fight, she would be able to make a difference. “I got here two days ago, and have been watching the road. This morning, the voice told me you would be here by dusk.”

Valerie gently took Katrine’s right hand and placed it over her heart. Holding the woman’s gaze, she placed her hand over Katrine’s heart. They sat this way for sometime, each searching the others eyes and through them, their souls. With a nod and a smile, Valerie dropped her hand. In this slender, smiling face, she had found a confidant and helpmate. She spent the next several hours bringing Katrine up to date on everything that she had seen and done in the time since she arrived on the shores of France. It was past midnight when the two finally slept, hand-in-hand, neither willing to lose touch with this budding friendship.

The sky was just beginning to lighten when Valerie felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. Katrine’s voice whispered in her ear. “Quickly, they’re coming”

Valerie’s eyes shot open, her body ready to jump into action. “How long?”

“By sun up. We must hurry.” Katrine moved away and began thrusting their belongings into her rucksack. “We can’t leave any sign of our stay.”

Valerie had risen quickly and rolled the blanket up into a cylindrical shape. As Katrine stepped out of the simple tent, Valerie grabbed the two support posts from inside and followed. With quick, sharp tugs, the four anchoring stakes were pulled up and Valerie tucked poles and stakes against the blanket before rolling the bundle into the tent. As Katrine shouldered the rucksack, Valerie tied a long cord to either end of her bundle and and threw it over one arm and her head, leaving her hands free to grab a tree branch. While Valerie used the branch to eliminate their footprints and the signs of their tent, Katrine tossed branches and debris haphazardly across their resting place.

The girls moved further into the trees until the found a stream. Quickly, they shed their shoes and stockings and rolling the waistband of their skirts, drew the material above their knees before stepping into the icy water. They waded upstream, supporting each other as their feet went numb from the cold. They were nearly three miles from their campsite when they spied a large boulder jutting into the stream. Teeth chattering, they climbed onto the boulder and cuddled together for warmth. As the sun rose in the sky and warmed their frozen feet, the girls heard the sound of heavy trucks rolling towards Hollerich. The invasion of Luxembourg had begun.


The Valkyrie and The Viking (Part 3) May 1, 2012

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The spring thaw of 1933 was the sign that Valerie had been waiting for. Since her arrival in France a little over a year before, the woman had kept a low profile, saying little but hearing everything. She traveled throughout Europe and, though she had left England with plenty of funds, took menial jobs that allowed her to glean information and opinions as she worked. She made numerous friends in many rural areas, and as the year had progressed she had steadily moved toward Germany, concerned about a young Austrian who had been making a lot of noise in that area.

In Berlin, she met a brilliant physicist and knew that it was time to act. She began attending his lectures, and struck up a friendship with the wild haired gentleman through his rather protective wife Elsa. Late in 1932, while having dinner with the two at their home, Valerie explained her feeling of foreboding and warned them that they should make plans to leave Germany for an extended period of time. Albert knew that she was deeply concerned for their well-being and he and Elsa prepared themselves for the possible relocation.

By Christmas of that same year, the couple had left Germany. Valerie had remained in the background of life in Berlin, and was able to relay the news to the Einsteins that their house had been seized by the Nazi government. She never heard from them again and she knew that the time had come to fulfill her purpose here.

With the spring thaw Valerie made her way back to France and, using her sextant, found the coordinates that she and Victoria had memorized. She dug a hole and, using an empty milk bottle, she wrote a letter, detailing her adventures to that point and leaving the coordinates to a site in Belgium. Then she headed back to Germany.

The voice that had guided her over the last year spoke again as she traveled through Luxembourg. The time had come to avoid mass transportation. She left the train at Hollerich and searched for shelter for the night. Concerned with the high levels of military presence in town, she followed the road toward the outskirts of town, heading east with determination.

As she reached the edge of town, a tall slim figure jogged toward her. Her year of listening had given her a solid handle on the German language, and she heard the slender woman call out as she approached. She knew the stranger was speaking to her only because she held eye contact through the entire monologue.

“Helga! You were supposed to be on the earlier train! Mama is so worried! Come on we must hurry!”

Linking arms with Valerie, the slender woman drew her into a jog as she lowered her voice. “Those officers have been known to accost single women on this road. Stay with me until we are clear.”

The road curved moments later as it went down a hill out of sight of the military patrol. Glancing over her shoulder, the slender woman pulled Valerie off the road and into a copse of trees. Nearly invisible among the trees was a low shelter and Valerie found herself pulled into it.

As they caught their breath, Valerie got her first look at her protector. The slender woman had kind blue eyes that seemed more at ease with laughter than with the worry that was now flitting around the edges.  The elven face smiled at her as though they had known each other for years.

“I have been waiting for you for two days. Don’t ask how I knew you were coming, you’d think I was nuts. All I know is that you have a mission and I am supposed to help. My name is Katrine.”

Two figures formed in the mist that surrounded the copse. The tall woman glanced at her companion as she said “The Valkyrie’s partner throughout her lifetimes. They must reconnect quickly in this time. Keep them safe in the mist. When the dawn comes, they must trust each other. The lives of many depend on them.”

“As you say my Queen.”


The Valkyrie and The Viking (Part 2) April 22, 2012

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Okay guys, this one is a little bit shorter section.

The fog was thick as they stood at the pier. The invincibility of youth was overridden by the knowledge of their hearts. It would be a miracle if either of them survived this adventure. They had spent a great deal of time with an atlas the night before, and both carried two slips of paper with coordinates on them.


“You have your sextant right?”

“Yes, and we already practiced tracking coordinates with it. I don’t think we ever forgot how to do it. Daddy drilled it into our heads in the Great War.”

“ I think this is going to take every survival skill we ever learned”

“Just survive, dearest. If you don’t I swear a part of me shall die as well.”


Fear, and the terrible knowledge that this may well be the last time they saw each other, overwhelmed the pair and the clung to each other and wept. A few moments later the fog began to lift and it was time for Victoria to board the boat for New York. Valerie watched from the dock as her sister stood at the rail and held her eyes until they could no longer see each other. Then Valerie walked the distance to where she would catch a boat to France.


At the far end of the docks, two figures stood. The tall lithe woman watched Valerie with compassion in her eyes while her stocky companion continued to stare after Victoria’s ship, tears running down his face.


“It hurts them so, my Queen”

“I know, my dear friend. They must learn what we could not, and they must each learn it for themselves. Let us hope that they have the capacity that we lack, for I grow weary of this endless battle, this death without cessation.”

“Aye, me as well.”

“We must return to it my friend. We are out of time here.”


As Valerie stepped onto the waiting boat, the figures at the end of the dock faded. 


The Valkyrie and The Viking (part one) April 16, 2012

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This story is an idea that has been running through my head. It is only a short, and if I ever do publish it, It would probably be along the lines of a “here, thake this for free and get to know my writing style” kind of thing. So you guys get the first taste. I set a limit on how much I would post at a time (and how much time I would rob from my WIPs) so you guys got at bit of a cliffhanger. Don’tcha just love how that works? 


The Valkyrie and The Viking

(part one)


“Something is evil is crawling across the world.”

“I know, I feel it too.”

“I think we are meant to fight it, but we have to remain unseen or we aren’t going to be where we are needed.”

“Agreed. You know this means we have to part, right Vicki?”

“I know Val, but I have to go west, and you are needed in the east.”

“We’ve never been apart dear one, I will miss you terribly.”


At 24, the two girls had not been separated since the day their mother had sacrificed her life to give them theirs. They were each others support and there could be no closer tie between them. It wasn’t until they were in secondary school that they were aware of the fact that that they finished each others sentences and they still had difficulty refraining from that habit. Family and close friends had difficulty in telling the difference between the two, as they were rarely apart and not only did they share looks, it seemed they shared a soul.


They had earned their nicknames on the schoolyard after history classes. The pair would not tolerate bullying regardless of the victims difference from the rest of the students. This was the only time anybody had ever been able to tell them apart with any kind of accuracy.


Valerie stood strong and defiant between the victim and the attackers and it had only taken one bloody nose and one badly bruised knee to dissuade those who might think they would get past her. The African servant who  served her father with pride had taught the girls much in the way of unarmed combat. A lesson about old Norse legends had earned her the moniker “Valkyrie.”


Victoria had taken the combat lessons to heart, and her fighting spirit overtook her at the sight of injustice. While her sister protected the victim, she sought out the attacker. An energetic history lesson told the tale of the bloodthirsty vikings and Victoria had a new name.


Now adults, the two still stood against injustice. For the last several years, the women had maintained a private address outside of London and took in abused women and children. They sought out others who would help them in their cause and trained them well. While Valerie stood watch over her charges, Victoria could often be found baiting their abusers and finding ways to get them off the streets for an extended period of time.


They had been an effective team all of their lives. Now as 1931 began to fade away, they knew deep within that the world would be fighting a great injustice. Knowing that they would be apart was much more difficult than the knowledge that they would be seeking out the heart of evil and trying to protect those in its path.


Their father had felt a similar premonition several years earlier and had converted the bulk of his wealth into precious metals and jewels shortly before the New York Stock Market crashed in the fall of 1929. As the United States fell into a depression that spread across the world, he was comforted in the fact that his girls would be well cared for.


A week passed  as the girls filled hollowed out boot heels and lined clothes and suitcases with what funds they could safely carry. They prepared the staff at the safe house and readied themselves for a long journey. 

I hope you enjoyed it! I do welcome feedback if you have any to give!